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Bosch Hot Water Systems

Bosch is a household name among hot water manufacturers and plumbers alike, with over a century of experience delivering hot water. They produce and provide a carefully curated list of continuous gas hot water models that are among the best on the market.

Bosch, which originated in Germany, has had a firm presence in Australia since 1907. We have access to some of the best continuous gas hot water systems available because of their strong presence here in Australia.

Dynamic Plumbing and Gas is the company to call if you want to learn more about how a Bosch hot water system can benefit your home, or if you already have one and need repairs and maintenance. We’ve worked with Bosch's systems for many years and are confident in our ability to assist you with whatever you require.

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Why We Work With Bosch Hot Water Systems

We are proud to offer Bosch’s continuous gas hot water storage units to Perth homeowners and residents. Continuous gas units from Bosch are known for their high quality and high output.

Bosch generously covers their hot water heaters with an extended warranty. Our technicians can provide same-day installations on most models due to readily available parts and replacements. A Bosch hot water system is a great investment because it comes in a variety of sizes and models, as well as having gas-saving features.


Bosch Continuous Gas Hot Water Systems


Bosch produces a curated list of continuous gas hot water units. Despite their small number, the units they have are among the best on the market. Because of the technology in their hot water systems, hot water is only heated when it is required, making them more efficient, environmentally friendly, and cost-effective to operate.

Continuous flow technology is used in the HydroPower model hot water systems to provide homes with near-endless hot water on demand. These models are completely self-contained and do not require any external power. There’s a Bosch HydroPower model for every home, with capacities ranging from 10 to 16 litres. These machines are as energy-efficient as they are powerful, with a minimum 4-star energy rating.

Like all Bosch models, the Pilot Ignition series comes with Bosch’s renowned 100 percent reliability guarantee. This unit, like the HydroPower model, does not require a power source to operate, and each model is designed with an Australian audience in mind, ensuring that parts and accessories are always available.

Last but not least, the Internal Compact model is the pinnacle of German hot water system design. They’re made to be swapped out with any other Bosch model, making upgrading as simple as deciding to upgrade. These models also feature digital sensors and Bluetooth connectivity, clearly showing that they are the next generation of hot water innovation.


Bosch Hot Water System Repairs

We are happy to provide continuous hot water maintenance for your home here at Dynamic Plumbing and Gas. But even with our team of professionals maintaining your system regularly, things can still go wrong, resulting in the need for repairs.

We are more than capable of assisting you if your Bosch hot water system has been damaged and needs repairs between our visits. With competitive prices, we can provide fast and efficient Bosch repairs in Perth. Don’t let a minor repair go unattended; contact the Dynamic team right away!


Frequently Asked Questions

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What Are The Benefits Of A Bosch Hot Water System?

High build quality, long life span, low costs and high returns are some of the standout reasons why now is a great time to invest in a Bosch hot water system for your home. Whether you have a hot water system and want to upgrade to something better, or you’re without a hot water system and need one, Bosch is never the wrong answer for hot water systems in Perth.

How Long Do Bosch Hot Water Systems Last?

There’s no reason your Bosch hot water system shouldn’t last its entire expected life span of over twenty years, thanks to its efficiency and build quality. Bosch hot water systems are built to last, and they are among the most durable hot water systems on the market.

Give the team at Dynamic Plumbing and Gas a call today for more information on how to get the most out of your Bosch hot water system, or to schedule a new installation!




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