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Wondering why your pipes bang in the evening? Not sure what heating system you require? Here are some of the most commonly questions our plumbers are asked on a daily basis.

Q: How often should I service my hot water system?

A: We would recommend that you have your system serviced every 5 years. We can conduct a thorough service at your home in just over an hour.

Q: How do I stop water running into my toilet bowl?

A: If your cistern is leaking it may be due to a faulty outlet washer. We can fit a replacement for you in a matter of minutes.

Q: Why do my pipes bang when I turn the heating on and off?

A: A water hammer is often the cause. Installing a water hammer resistor and clipping the affected pipes will resolve the issue. Give us a call for a free quote.

Q: Why does my water take so long to warm up?

A: This may be because of the distance between the tap and the hot water system. Speak to us about installing a water system closer to the affected location.

Q: There is a leak near my water meter. Who should I call?

A: The water meter is owned by the water corporation and is therefore their responsibility to maintain and repair.

Q: Why does my hot water cut in and out?

A: There are many factors that could contribute towards this problem. It may be a problem with your gas pressure or your installation set up. Give us a call and we will diagnose the problem for you.

Q: Should I choose solar, gas or electric for heating my hot water?

A: Everyone's requirements are different and we recommend solar, gas or electrical solutions depending on your circumstances. Solar is more effective on large north facing roofs while a small gas tank won't be sufficient for a large family. We can guide you through all the options available and help you to make the right decision.