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Perth's Gas Heating Experts

Why should you have to suffer through another brutal Perth winter? Don’t you deserve some comfort inside while everything else is cold and gloomy? Make the switch, and you’ll never have to suffer through cold temperatures again. We can provide a full range of gas heating solutions for your home or business in Perth. Our team will work with you every step of the way to ensure that you are comfortable all year round.

Treat yourself to a gas heating system, professionally installed by the team here at Dynamic Plumbing and Gas. Not only will you be saving yourself during the coldest days of the year, but you’ll be saving on your energy bills and reducing your environmental impact too.

We offer a variety of options when it comes to gas heating systems, from ducted gas heating to gas fires from Australia's leading brands.

Interested in switching to gas heating? Our friendly team is happy to help with all your gas heating questions.

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Gas Heating Installation Perth


Are you looking into a new gas heating installation? You may even be interested in switching from another form of domestic heating or upgrading your current system. Whatever your reason for needing a new gas heater, you can rest easy knowing that once we install it, it will last for many winters to come.

Our experienced technicians will take care of installing any type of gas heating solution you need. From ducted gas heaters to gas fireplaces, our team has experience working with them all. They know how important it is to get things right the first time around, so they won't leave until their job is done.

Our team of licensed gas fitters at Dynamic Plumbing and Gas can install a full range of gas heating options in your home. If you want to harness natural gas as a heating source this winter, Dynamic can assist you with everything from ductwork to bayonets. We work with the best gas heating brands in Australia and put 110% into every installation we do.

If you're ready to make the change, give us a call today!



Benefits of Home Gas Heating

Natural gas is now more widely available than it has ever been, making gas heating systems more popular than ever. With so many advantages, it’s easy to see why so many Perth residents are switching to gas heating systems or upgrading their existing ones.
Here are some of the many benefits of switching to gas heating:

Why Choose Dynamic Plumbing & Gas?

With electricity prices always on the rise, and cheap, clean natural gas more accessible than ever, gas heating makes for a heating solution that will not break the bank. In fact, gas is one of the cheapest ways to heat your home efficiently.

Because a gas heater is so much more efficient at getting larger rooms up to temperature, you’ll be using less energy to get your room heated quicker. You can save hundreds of dollars on your electricity bills by switching to an efficient gas heating model.

Gas Heating is Environmentally Friendly

Modern gas heating is extremely eco-friendly. Now that natural gas is more widely available, we have access to a cleaner-burning fuel that is also less expensive to produce and purchase. Gas heaters have some of the highest energy efficiency ratings of any heater on the market.

Not only that, but compared to other heating systems, a gas heater consumes almost no electricity. Gas-powered heaters emit 80 percent fewer pollutants than electric heaters, making them an extremely environmentally friendly heating option.

Commercial Photographer - Darek Peszel
Commercial Photographer - Perth
Real Estate Photographer - Perth
Hand of a man turning down household gas water heater temperature.

Gas Heating is Reliable

Because gas lines run underground, gas heaters are incredibly reliable. Underground gas lines can’t be damaged by rain and storms, so you know they will work in any weather. Because the gas line comes straight to your home, you’re never waiting for propane deliveries or affected when the power goes out.

Gas heating systems burn hotter and circulate that heat much more efficiently than other heating systems, and because they don’t require regular maintenance as much as other heating systems, it’s got the best of both worlds. If you’re wanting to have strong, constant heat this winter, a gas heater is the way to go.

Gas Heating is Safe

One reason people may be hesitant to switch to gas heating is due to safety concerns. However, a long track record shows that gas heating your home is very safe as long as there’s sufficient ventilation.

If you’re not sure if your home has enough ventilation for gas heating, call us and one of our professionals will come down and assess your home. Our high quality gas heating installations prioritise you and your family’s safety, so when you choose Dynamic Plumbing & Gas, you know you’re making the right decision.

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Types of Gas Heating

When you think of a gas heater, you might think of a small blocky heater your grandparents had in their living room. Modern gas heaters, on the other hand, are far more sophisticated and come in a variety of styles and sizes.

One of the most common types of heaters is the unflued gas heater. Unflued models don’t have to stay in one place and can be moved around the house as long as there is a gas bayonet to connect to. Flued gas heaters work similarly but are fixed in a specific location.

Ducted gas heating is a more modern style of gas heating. All the ducting is hidden in the ceiling seamlessly, so that no aesthetics are sacrificed to provide heating to multiple rooms in your house. In addition, they can be used alongside evaporative air conditioners seamlessly.

The small portable heaters you’ve probably seen on TV are gas convector heaters, also known as space heaters. A space heater is a convenient, portable heating solution with a wide cone that heats quickly and can be easily picked up and stored when not in use.

But knowing the different types of gas heaters doesn’t exactly help you figure out which system is best for you. It’s not the sort of thing you can easily research because every home is different.

If you want to get a professional opinion on what gas heater is going to suit you, call us here at Dynamic Plumbing and Gas. We have the knowledge to help you make an informed decision about which gas heater is best for you, thanks to our years of experience in the industry.

To talk to a Dynamic expert, give us a call or book an appointment through our website.


$0 Call Out Fee Reliable & Efficient Service - Call Now

Gas Fire Installation Perth

Enjoy the warmth and ambience of a traditional fireplace without the hassle or the smoke - instead, have a gas fire installed in your home. Compared to wood-burning fires, a gas fireplace offers many advantages including safety, efficiency and ease of operation.

Gas fireplaces come in two main styles; open hearth and insert. Open hearths look like a real log burning stove and offer great visual appeal. Insert models fit neatly inside existing chimneys and don't require additional building modifications. Both styles burn efficiently and produce minimal emissions.

When it comes time to replace your old fireplace, consider upgrading to a gas fireplace. Not only do they save money over their lifetime, but they're much safer than wood-burning stoves. As embers can't fall out of the fireplace, a gas fire is safer than having a log burner in your living area while still offering reliable and long-lasting warmth.

We follow all the Australian standards to ensure all our gas fire installations are done once and done right. This ensures that your new appliance runs smoothly and, above all, safely. Poor installation can lead to costly problems and put you and your family in danger. So why take the risk? When you work with Dynamic Plumbing and Gas, you’re working with professionals that you can trust.

To find out more about gas fire installation, get in touch with Dynamic Plumbing & Gas.

Living room with wall mounted tv and gas fireplace in warm inviting home

Our Service Area For Gas Heating Installation

Horizontal photo of a natural gas fireplace with a white mantle and cherry wood floors

We understand how hard it can be to find a local gas fitter or technician in your area, especially when you’re having issues with your gas and need it fixed ASAP. That is why we have increased our service area and now work as far north as Joondalup and as far south as Rockingham.

If you require gas heating installation or would want to find out if you are within our service area, please contact a member of our helpful team right away. Don’t let faulty gas systems get worse; call us today!

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Why Choose Dynamic Plumbing & Gas?

At Dynamic Plumbing & Gas, we provide high-quality gas heating installation for both residential and commercial properties. Our extremely capable technicians are completely qualified professionals who specialise in gas inspections, bayonet installations, gas fitting repairs, and more. Our team is ready to assist you with any gas related issues you may have.

Our team of fully licensed staff will treat your home with the utmost care. Because of our affordable prices and outstanding ratings, we continue to be a leading choice for top-rated gas plumbing services in Perth. Call us for an estimate or to speak with a member of our helpful team about our gas fitting services.





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