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Renovation Plumbing & Gas Services Perth

Have you ever worked on a home renovation project? You’ve either done it before and know how much of a pain they can be and how much work goes into them, or you haven’t done it before and don’t know where to begin.

It’s pretty natural. The concept of demolishing and rebuilding a part of your home can be pretty daunting. The bricks and tiles, making sure everything is structurally sound; that’s one thing. But what about pipes? Dealing with plumbing and gas lines is a completely different story.

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When renovating a kitchen or bathroom, you have to take care not to damage any pipes, and somehow deal with them when you’re building around them and installing new appliances. Easier said than done. Dealing with gas and plumbing pipes is too much for many people, and their first instinct is to call a professional. But why call a tradie who might only have some knowledge in either plumbing or gas, when you can call the master plumbers here at Dynamic?

We’re quickly establishing ourselves as Perth’s go-to company for renovations. As masters in both the plumbing and gas fitting fields, our number one priorities are functionality and safety. You’re investing in your own future when you invest in a Dynamic renovation.

Contact the experts in plumbing and gas for more than just a cosmetic makeover. Call us today for more information or a no-obligation quote.


Renovation Experts And Gas services In Perth


Here at Dynamic Plumbing and Gas, we are Perth’s leading local plumbing renovation specialists. For all bathroom, kitchen, and laundry renovations, we provide dependable plumbing and gas services that are guaranteed to produce a high-quality result.

Whether you’re looking to update your current setup or give it a complete makeover, we’ll walk you through the entire process step by step to make it as seamless as possible and eliminate any unexpected costs.

We recognise renovations are a time-sensitive process, and our fully certified professionals will provide a prompt service to meet your deadlines.

Dynamic Plumbing & Gas understands how important the function of any kitchen, laundry or bathroom is and we take all steps to reduce ongoing maintenance and provide the final touches, like isolation taps, on each water outlet to enable easy maintenance should it be required.

To get started on your next renovation, give Dynamic Plumbing & Gas a call.

Bathroom Renovations Perth

Isn’t it time to spruce up that dingy bathroom? Do you want to save money on your water bills by installing more efficient pipes and showerheads? Look no further than Dynamic Plumbing and Gas in Perth. For years, we’ve been assisting Perth residents in achieving the beautiful bathrooms they’ve always desired. 

Our specialised bathroom renovation packages include: 

✔ Double vanity installations

✔ Faucet conversions 

✔ Shower mixer installations and shower tap upgrades

✔ Bath/shower conversions and installations 

✔ Toilet Installations 

Here at Dynamic Plumbing and Gas, we provide high-quality bathroom renovation services in Perth. We work with both plumbing and gas in mind so that your bathroom renovation goes as smoothly as possible, thanks to our decades of combined experience. 

If you ever need plumbing or gas maintenance, you can relax knowing that we made everything easily accessible during the renovation process.



Kitchen Renovations Perth


Are you ready to give your kitchen a makeover? We spend so much time in our kitchens, don’t you deserve a more open, modern kitchen? A kitchen renovation is no longer an expensive dream, thanks to the cost-effective renovation packages we offer here at Dynamic Plumbing and Gas.

Some services included in our renovation packages are:

✔ Fridge and dishwasher water connections
✔ Electric to gas cooktop conversions
✔ Kitchen sink installations
✔ Gas stove and cooktop installations

If you live in Perth, kitchen renovations are more accessible than ever. Thanks to the experienced team at Dynamic Plumbing and Gas, a quality renovation no longer has to cost an arm and a leg. We combine our skills as plumbers and gas fitters to ensure that your new kitchen works as beautifully as it looks.

For more information, call Dynamic Plumbing & Gas today.

Laundry Renovations Perth

Picture the typical laundry. Does it look good? You probably imagined a cramped room full of appliances, taps with long thin faucets that always drip no matter how much you turn the taps. It’s not a pretty sight. That’s why we are seeing more and more requests for laundry renovations in Perth homes.

A laundry renovation may appear to be an ideal do-it-yourself project. You have a couple of square appliances that fit into corners, and if you mess up, it’s far enough away that no one will notice. However, we do not recommend tackling a laundry renovation as a do-it-yourself project.

A laundry requires a lot of planning to renovate. You must consider water drainage and plumbing to multiple large appliances that must fit into a small space. In addition, many people have gas appliances or storage units near the laundry, so you now have gas lines to deal with. Damage or poor installation to any of these factors can be an expensive thing to repair at best, and a dangerous hazard at worst.

Similar to bathroom and kitchen renovations, there are specific tasks that we can help with for a laundry renovation, including:

✔ Washing machine installations
✔ Laundry bench-top and sink installations
✔ Faucet conversions
✔ Laundry gas line cap upgrades

If you’re ready to maximise space and improve the appearance of your laundry, contact someone who understands plumbing, drainage, and gas, such as the team at Dynamic. Every member of our staff is licensed in gas fitting and plumbing, so you can be confident that the work by any of us will last.

Call us today to schedule an appointment or organise a no-hassles quote.


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Outdoor Dining & Alfresco Renovation Services


Although it doesn’t seem like it, outdoor dining and alfresco renovations are some of the most complex and holistic required, and ones that we excel at. Because an outdoor dining area requires gas, water and drainage in a relatively small space, it can be a hard job to complete effectively.

Hiring an inexperienced tradie or someone who only specialises in gas or water will make the rest of the area’s maintenance and renovations difficult. Because you’re using gas and water in your alfresco area, which requires good drainage by definition, anyone renovating this area will need to be familiar with all three concepts.

Thankfully, finding someone who understands drainage, gas and water is much easier now that Dynamic Plumbing and Gas provide outdoor dining area renovations. Our team is comprised of licensed plumbers and gas fitters, so no matter which member of our team renovates your alfresco area drainage, gas, and plumbing are all considered.

Want to put us to the test? Call us today! One of our friendly staff members can come down and provide you with a full assessment and breakdown of what needs to be done, how we plan to do it, and even provide you with a personalised, on-the-spot, obligation-free quote.

Look no further than the team at Dynamic Plumbing and Gas for a complete alfresco and outdoor dining area renovation experience.

Our Service Area For Renovation Services

Here at Dynamic Plumbing and Gas, we know how difficult it is to deal with poor gas and water quality. Finding a reliable technician in your area isn’t always easy, either. You shouldn’t have to wait longer for a qualified plumber. That’s why we have increased our service area and now work as far north as Joondalup and as far south as Rockingham.

If you are looking for home renovations from licensed plumbers and gas fitters or would want to find out if you are within our service area, please contact a member of our helpful team right away. With helpful technicians so close by, you don’t have to wait for quality workmanship anymore. For a hassle-free quote, call us today!

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Why Choose Dynamic Plumbing & Gas?


At Dynamic Plumbing & Gas, we provide high-quality bathroom renovation services for both residential and commercial properties. Our capable technicians are completely qualified professionals who specialise in bath installations, faucet conversions, pipe upgrades and more. We are here to help you with any issues you may be experiencing.

You deserve to work with technicians who will treat your home with the utmost care. Because of our affordable prices and outstanding ratings, we continue to be a leading choice for top-rated plumbing services in Perth. To speak with a member of our helpful team about our plumbing services or for more information, call Dynamic Plumbing and Gas today.




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