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Without sufficient drainage, your home or commercial building will quickly begin to feel the strain. Water and sewage can undermine the structure of your home as well as polluting your garden and surrounding areas. At Dynamic Plumbing & Gas, we provide a diverse range of services including storm water, septic tank and soak well installation. Our plumbers are trained to handle the whole operation including the use of small excavators saving you both time and money.


Blockages can occur for a variety reasons:

Tree roots growing inside the drains: Tree roots are most commonly found inside old clay pipes as they are often very easy for the roots to grow inside of.

Cooking fats: Often on drainage which connects the kitchen sink to the drainage system fats & oils are found within the drain. A build-up of this over time can reduce the pipe diameter and thus prevent the waste water from getting away. This is especially common in new homes across Perth where the kitchen is on the opposite side of the home to the bathrooms meaning the drain for the kitchen can extend right across the width of the home.


Pipe breakages: If you have had heavy machinery, tradesmen or children digging around your yard there's always a chances a pipe underground may of been broke.

Objects flushed down the toilet: Children can often flush all sorts down the toilet and this can often cause a blockage down the line.

Poor design: Inadequate drainage ventilation, minimal fall on drainage system and insufficient pipe size can all contribute towards a potentially smelly and irritating blockage.



We have all the tools and expertise to quickly unblock your drains and get your systems flowing again. Using drain machines, rods, pressure jets, kinetic rams, plungers and cameras we can get the blockage cleared and help you redesign your drainage system to reduce the risk of blockages in the future.

For tree roots, the drain machine is most effective. This machine uses a rotating spring with various 'heads' connected to the end of it. As the spring is fed down the drain the spring cuts through any objects inside the drain including tree roots. For more stubborn blockages a high-pressure water jetter may be required, this blasts the drain clear of obstructions. For paper blockages, often the old fashioned way works best, so drain rods and plungers are used in clear the block and then the drain flushed thoroughly to ensure the line is free of any obstruction.


Prevention of blockages occurring in the future can often be quite simple. Tree roots will easily grow inside the old clay pipes and cause the drain to eventually block up as the roots increase in size. This can be rectified by replacing the section of clay pipework with a new PVC line to ensure the trees aren’t able to enter the drain. Other ways to reduce the likelihood for bocks include adding of ventilation to assist with water flow, replacement of any old galvanized drains which often rust from the inside with new PVC drains & monitoring what is washed down the kitchen drain particularly.


We can help you with the planning, installation and maintenance of drainage systems. At Dynamic Plumbing & Gas we take great pride in our quality drainage solutions. We ensure that your system is fully compliant with PLB and Water Corp requirements, easy to maintain and easy to access if maintenance is required in the future.


Storm water drains and soak wells are essential for storm water disposal around commercial and domestic buildings. We ensure that the size and position of your soak well is perfectly calibrated and offer a variety of lid options. Trafficable, solid, hinged and manhole lids are all available.



Convert from septic to sewer mains with Dynamic Plumbing & Gas today. As councils are enforcing the removal of septic systems around Australia, many are worrying about the stress and cost of the conversion. We work with our customers to overcome any potential issues whilst making the conversion. We can figure out the cheapest and quickest way for you to make the switch with as little impact on your property and wallet as possible.


Need to make alterations to your drainage and water supplies during a subdivision? We can talk you through the whole process and suggest the most efficient and cost effective methods for offsetting sewer lines and inspection shafts.

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