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Hot Water


We offer various sizes, brands and models.
Fully Supplied and Installed.


We offer various sizes, brands and models.
Fully Supplied and Installed.


We offer various sizes, brands and models.
Fully Supplied and Installed.


We offer various sizes, brands and models.
Fully Supplied and Installed.

Our brands

We at Dynamic Plumbing & Gas install, service and repair every type of hot water system available. From gas, electric and solar to heat pumps and commercial designs we can help every step of the way. Want to streamline your system? Convert to gas? Sub-divide your property? Speak to the experts today and discover the dynamic difference!

Emergency hot water

Here at Dynamic Plumbing & Gas we understand how important hot water is for the family home. That’s why we prioritise hot water replacement, repairs and emergencies. Our quick and efficient plumbers and technicians will get you back up to temperature as fast as possible, no matter what time or day.

Hot water servicing and repairs

To reduce the risk of an issue and to maximise the life of your plumbing, it is recommended that you regularly service your hot water system. At Dynamic Plumbing & Gas, we offer a complete hot water service including:

  • Anode checks
  • Relief valve checks
  • Duo valve inspection
  • Gas valve inspection
  • CWE and PTR valve flushing
  • Thermocouple servicing and gas valve inspections

Solar hot water

As an environmentally conscious business, we would always encourage our customers to use solar energy wherever possible. Not only will it save you a fortune in electric and gas bills but also it is easy to maintain and service. With such a great climate here in Perth it’s not surprising that many of our customers are choosing to switch to solar energy. We can install, service and repair all varieties, brands and systems including Solahart, Edwards, Rheem, Thermann and Edson.

Solar hot water in Perth works really well due to our fantastic climate. Our guy’s at Dynamic are highly trained in the installation, repair and servicing of Solahart, Apricus and Rheem hot water systems.

Gas storage hot water units

Having issues with your gas storage system? We provide servicing, repairs and replacements for all makes and models. Need a bigger tank? We can help you choose and fit a larger tank today.

Electric hot water

Choosing the right hot water tank can have a huge impact on the efficiency and cost of your electrical system. A small tank won’t provide you with enough hot water during peak times while a large tank will consume more energy than necessary. We have fitted hundreds of tanks and can recommend the best size for your circumstances. We can also fix any issues with existing electrical heating systems that are mostly caused by faulty elements, anodes, valves or thermostats.

Commercial hot water

Reducing the carbon footprint of your company should be a top priority. We have come up with a variety of solutions to heat water commercially with as little impact to the environment as possible. Using a gas boost system your business could heat its water using solar energy. As soon as the booster senses that the water has fallen below 50-60 degrees it will warm it back up to temperature quickly and efficiently. We are always available to visit you on site and discuss how we can help your business save thousands of dollars in energy bills each year.

Tempering valves

Tempering valves are important for ensuring that your water does not exceed a certain temperature. If you have young children, it is crucial to ensure that the temperature of your water will not exceed 50 degrees. We can easily fit, fix and calibrate tempering valves at your home or office to reduce the chance of an accident.

Should we find any issues, we are always available to fix them immediately. We carry a huge amount of parts to every job meaning that we can complete the service in one sitting. Having your water and gas systems serviced by Dynamic Plumbing & Gas is an easy way to pinpoint issues and reduce your energy consumption in the future.


Heat pumps

Heat pumps use a unique reverse refrigeration technology to produce hot water efficiently and cheaply. They are ideal for reducing your energy consumption and over time can save you a lot of money on your gas and electricity bills. Tanks generally hold around 250-300 litres of water and can be fitted with an electrical backup for heavy usage. We know everything there is to know about these systems so get in touch if you require installation, servicing or more information.



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