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Leak Detection

Can you see a wet area around your home or business and suspect you have a water leak?
your water meter spinning even during periods where your not using any water?
No hot water?
You can hear water running through the pipes?
Chances are you have a burst pipe! Not to worry our team can sort that issue immediately! 

Burst pipes which are not visible are usually underground and can be tricky to locate without the correct equipment. However the team at Dynamic has ACOUSTIC LEAK DETECTION EQUIPMENT which enables us to locate your burst pipe without disturbing your property as we go! This equipment picks up the vibrations in the ground and assists our technicians in pin pointing the leak area. Once located the under ground pipe can be exposed, the leak repaired and your plumbing system will once again be water tight!

Here at Dynamic our fully qualified team do the LOT! no need to deal with numerous contractors to have the leak repaired meaning both the costs & the interruption to our clients day are minimised.

Once the leak is all sorted we will even assist with paperwork to have your water bill adjusted back to the average with the water corporation! saving you a big water bill!

We also use pressure testing equipment to ensure the system is sound or indentify if your experiencing a 'loss' of pressure which indicates a small leak. This can be very useful in areas like showers where you suspect moisture damage to the surrounding walls.

If your suspicious that you may have a leak & require our leak detection and burst pipe repair services then call our friendly team today!!

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